About Us

In the Age of Exploration, countless times explorers would venture into the unknown sea. They would continue to sail forward, building on the knowledge acquired through their many discoveries. Their indomitable spirit and unique knowledge were the only keys that could open the door to the unknown world. And only those who found the means to decipher the future would, at times, acquire enormous fortune or success.

Today, we live in a world overflowing with information. Only those with the ability to find the precise "key" among all this information may bring about a successful business. As a master of sculpture sees a statue waiting to be carved out of a marble block, we aim to polish our ability to filter out the unnecessary or the misleading with our insight and acumen.

ITOCHU Research Institute Inc. assumes a wide range of roles as the think tank of the ITOCHU Group, and we support decision-making in a variety of business fields from a real-world point of view. We live in a world of low visibility in which the existing paradigm is wavering and unexpected events beyond our knowledge often happen. In such an environment, we need to be "sensitive to risks and bold on opportunities," and we will continue to provide our clients with high-quality analysis. Thank you for your continued support.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
ITOCHU Research lnstitute lnc.

President and CEO 
Atsushi Takeda
Chairman and Director
Tomoyuki Takada
Members of the Board
Toshio Hoshino
Managing Director and COO
Hidefuto Wakita
Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Takuya Shibata

Office Location
5-1, Kita-Aoyama 2-chome,Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8077, Japan

Access Map

ITOCHU Research lnstitute lnc.
5-1, Kita-Aoyama
Tokyo 107-8077, Japan


1 minute walk from "Gaien-mae" Station No.4a Exit.(Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)
5 minutes walk from "Aoyama 1-chome" Station No.1 Exit.(Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / the Toei Subway Oedo Line)